Perfume Connection

We now make all your favorite Dupes in Eau De Parfum. Super strong & blends that last all day long! With both Ladies & Mens fragrances, no one misses out.

Tips & commonly asked questions;

Do I need to re-apply my perfume? How long does it last?

Application & staying power depends on many factors including

  • The type of fragrance
  • The type of strength EDT/EDP. 
  • Where you are applying your perfume

The woody/oriental perfumes tend to last longer & are stronger than a citrus or floral fragrance.

EDP is the strongest & that's the only strength we make all our fragrances in. 

Things that can effect how long your perfume lasts or how it wears on your skin are hormones (menopause especially), if you have dry skin, or are on medication.

The best places to apply your perfume are your pulse points, crooks of your elbow, under your hair (as your body heats up you will get a waft). Clothes is also fine, if perfume is dark in colour though, be careful to not apply to white.

Fragrance fatigue is a common thing, this is when someone wears the same perfume every day & thinks they can't smell it anymore. It's recommended having a few on rotation so this won't happen.

Store your perfume in a cool place out of direct sunlight & it will last you ages. Ideally 12 months from opening is recommended but we've had some that were much older than this & were fine.

Apply as often as you like!


  • Chanel (Type)
  • Allure (Type)
  • Boss (Type-Masculine)
  • Georgio (Type)
  • Cool Water (Type)
  • Si (Type)
  • Aqua Di Gio (Type-Maculine)
  • 50 Shades (Type-Masculine)
  • Lady Million (Type)
  • 1 Million (Type-Masculine)
  • Pour Homme (Type-Maculine)

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