Recycle Program


Save your empty candle base & reed or car diffuser base, bring it back, we'll clean it up, you choose another scent & we'll make you a new candle or diffuser. You will receive 10% off the cost of the whole new product. 
Win Win! An excellent saving for you and a brilliant saving for our environment.

Please Note - Please keep your stopper caps for your diffuser bottles so we can refill them without spillage. If you are missing your stoppers, an additional $1 will be charged to replace it.

The same fragrance must be chosen for the refill of the car diffusers as the cork stoppers cannot be replaced or cleaned and it will cross contaminate if a different fragrance is selected. 


Our candles and diffusers make the perfect Wedding Bombeniere or baby shower gifts for your guests. There is no compromise on products used, We offer our signature look candles with labels that can be altered to personalize your event with your chosen wording. Simply contact us to discuss your requirements.

Orders of 15 - 50 Receive 10% off
Orders of 50 - 100 Receive 15% off
Orders over 100 Receive 20% off