Boudoir Edition Linen & Room Sprays
Boudoir Edition Linen & Room Sprays
Boudoir Edition Linen & Room Sprays

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Boudoir Edition Linen & Room Sprays

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Have you ever wanted to spice things up between the sheets? Whether you're setting your scene for some steamy romance, you're missing that special someone & want to be reminded of them, or you simply want to take things up a notch in the fragrance department when slipping between the covers, then we have your solution!

Our boudoir edition of linen & room sprays have been hand selected & made with romance, seduction & elegance in mind. Each couture fragrance will leave you longing for more. Not just designed for the boudoir, these can be used for an alluring lift to any room or bring a bit of posh to your loo. 

Available in the following fragrance selections;

"The other Man" - Powerfully seductive, this fragrance will leave the ladies swooning!

"After Dark" - Inspired by our 50 Shades fragrance

"Shagadelic" - Inspired by our 1 Million fragrance

"The Other Woman" - Inspired by our Chanel fragrance

"Lust" - Inspired by our Si fragrance

"Erotica" - Inspired by our Jimmy Choo fragrance

Please NOTE: It is advised to spot test on an inconspicuous area of your linen especially on lighter colored linen.

TIP: A little bit goes a long way! A light spray over your pillow, top & bottom sheet will ensure you are seduced all evening by these intoxicating fragrances. They pack a punch, so testing is recommended to suit your preferences.