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Car Diffuser

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Car Diffuser

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These adorable 10ml car diffusers are just the thing to keep your car smelling fresh and clean. With their beautiful rose gold caps, they're both stylish and functional. 

These are made to order, so simply select from our fragrance range what you'd like and they'll be made just for you. They come in a beautiful little gift box, making them a very affordable gift choice for just about anybody!

These can be hung in many places within your car, but please take note that the diffuser liquid may damage surfaces such as wood, soft plastics and varnished surfaces, as well as other surfaces if it comes into contact with it. Although there is a wooden bead to avoid this, the diffuser liquid may absorb into the rope past the wooden bead.If your diffuser is hanging, be aware of this and what it's hanging on. (Smudge Scents accepts no liability in the event of damage caused by the diffuser liquid.)

PLEASE NOTE: These are also eligible to refill under our Recycle program. Please see our Recycle program menu for more details.


When you first receive your diffuser, unscrew the rose gold cap. Carefully remove the plastic plug at the top of the bottle (be sure to keep the plug somewhere safe as we can do refills at a reduced cost, see our "Recycle Program" for more information on this.) Once the plastic plug is removed, and the rose gold cap is screwed back on, carefully tip the bottle upside down several times until the cork is sufficiently soaked. (Tip over somewhere other than property in case the lid is not screwed on properly. Wipe up any spills immediately).

Your car diffuser is now charged and ready to enjoy. If your smell is starting to fade, simply tip your diffuser upside down a few times to refresh your cork. Please note that consumption times vary due to temperature fluctuations, how many times you're refreshing your cork and air flow variations. 

Please ensure it's not secured too close to window surfaces where it may be able to swing and hit in the event of sudden car movements.