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Carpet Fresh Powder

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Freshen up your carpet, rugs & hard floors with our carpet fresh powders. Available in 6 vibrant & refreshing fragrances, our chosen fragrances will instantly fill your room with their beautiful aromas.

Why not pair with our perfectly matching Linen/Room Odour eliminating sprays?


Lightly sprinkle on carpets, rugs or hard floors, wait 10 - 15 minutes, then vacuum.


DO NOT use on wet carpets or rugs.

May void some vacuum warranties. Patch test a small area is recommended prior to ensure your vacuum is adequate in picking up the powder. Use at your own discretion.

Unscrew cap & remove plastic layer prior to use, this is only there for travel purposes.

Active ingredients: Baking Soda, Premium Fragrance Oil

Bottles contain 400gm.