Diffuser egg teal/ green

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Diffuser egg teal/ green

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This stunning diffuser will be the focal point of any room with its unique shape & gorgeous color changing function.

For use with our premium fragrance oils,  simply add up to 5 drops into water to give you up to 7-8 hours of a powerful fragrance burst throughout your home with an auto cut off when they run dry.  

It is recommended to clean these regularly to avoid any excess oil build up.  You can either give a gentle wipe when the container is empty or rinse & gently wipe with some paper towel afterwards.  Please be careful not to enter water into the air intake which is clearly marked.  Don't push hard on the sonic plate at the bottom,  damaging this plate will void your warranty.  NEVER fill above the marked water line.  

Every so often these benefit from a run with a mix of water (90%) & white vinegar (10%) to thoroughly clean the plate from oil build up.