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Fragrance Oils

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These 10ml concentrated fragrance oils come with a handy dropper, making them super user friendly & avoiding unnecessary wastage through accidental overdosing. Suitable for liquid diffusers & our electrical oil/melt burners. (Please note, add up to 5 drops into your diffuser or to water in your oil burner.)

It's important to note that your diffuser should be wiped out between each change over to ensure no residue of oil is left on the burning element which may corrode your unit over time.

It is recommended to test each vessel with the amount of oil drops required. Our fragrance oils are super concentrated, and some fragrances are a lot stronger than others. The container size will vary between your vessels, so testing to get your most optimal scent throw is highly recommended. Not strong enough, add an extra drop, too strong, reduce the amount of drops.