Petway Everyday Pink Dog Shampoo

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Petway Everyday Pink Dog Shampoo

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Petway Petcare Everyday Pink Dog Shampoo is a naturally based general purpose cosmetic shampoo. It thoroughly cleanses & deodorises the coat & skin.

Brightens whites & highlights natural coat colours.

Leaves a lasting unique floral musk fragrance.

Soap, paraben & phosphate free.

PH balanced.


Environmentally responsible.

For use on animals with normal skin type.


Made & produced in Australia.

We regularly get asked at Smudge Dog Grooming what we use to get the dogs looking so clean & this, in combination with the Petway Petcare Everyday Pink Conditioner is the products we use on a daily basis for normal skin type pets.

It can be diluted for even greater value of up to 30:1.

For best results, use in conjunction with Petway Everyday Pink Dog Conditioner.