Pocket/Handbag perfume atomizers (20ml)
Pocket/Handbag perfume atomizers (20ml)

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Pocket/Handbag perfume atomizers (20ml)

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Our pocket/handbag perfume atomizers are the perfect size. They're sturdy & durable & last ages. The atomizer gives out a generous puff of fragrance so a little goes a long way.

As these are Eau De Perfum, they are super strong & last for hours with just one application. 

(For tips to commonly asked questions about getting the best performance out of your perfume, see the notes under our main collection page.)

Available in both female & male fragrances, these are super handy for the men to slip in their pockets to keep refreshed all day long or when out on the town & barely take up any space in your handbags ladies! 

Don't pay hundreds of dollars on your fragrances, you'll be blown away by how good these are!

Please note that none of the fragrances are claimed to be the real fragrances. We are in no way affiliated with any of the companies that manufacture these. These are dupes, meaning they smell similar to the real fragrances.