Stainless Steel Metal Comb

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Stainless Steel Metal Comb

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These stainless steel combs are the perfect accompaniment with our brushes & when used in combination. They help to prevent matting & are essential with longer coated dogs, to finish with the fine toothed section for a smooth, tangle free coat. Brushes alone will not prevent tangles & matting, finishing with the finer section of these combs helps to ensure a snare free coat. These are especially useful for ears & tail sections.


Once the coat has been brushed thoroughly, go over the sections, at first with the wider section on the metal comb, finishing with the fine toothed section. Be sure to slowly move & tease as you go through each section. Never pull quickly & always have your other hand holding each section of hair as you work, closest to the body, this is to ensure there are no sudden pulls causing pain.